COLORS & LIGHTING Keep colors neutral. Don’t forget to paint ceilings. Lighter colors give the impression of a clean, open look. Don’t worry about practicality. Most new paints are very durable and cleanable. Hopefully you’ll only be living in the house a couple more months. For showings during the Fall and Winter season turn on all the lights in your home, including closets, stairs, under cabinets and in bathrooms. Stay on light bulb patrol if any go out.

FURNISHINGS Limit furnishings to items that are used. Any unnecessary items, i.e. decorative antiques, curios, shelves, folding screens become “decorative” and distract the buyer’s eye. Eliminate as many horizontal surfaces that ask to be decorated. Re-arrange furniture for an easy flow for people walking in the house. The TV shouldn’t be the center of the furniture arrangement. Create a furniture arrangement that fosters friendly conversations and social activities. Create a people-friendly house.

LAYOUT & FINISHING TOUCHES Make your front entry inviting. Decorate it, paint the door or buy a new door. It’s the first look at your house, so make it a good one. Fresh flowers are a must. There’s something enormously satisfying about having freshly laundered towels sitting next to the bath tub. It invites pleasant thoughts of soaking your troubles away. Feature a special spot in the house for home information sheets, a sign-in book and business cards. Accent area with flowers and small wrapped candies in an open dish.

Your home has been built around how you live and expresses your image. In order to present a home for sale, you need to create a way for the potential buyer to place his or herself in it. Your home is the single largest investment you’re likely to have and when it comes time to sell it becomes the single largest asset. So make sure it’s ready for any potential buyer.

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